Building Thriving Undergraduate Physics Programs

February 10, 2018 - February 11, 2018 in College Park, Maryland

Building Thriving Undergraduate Physics Programs Workshop began on Saturday, February 10 and ended Sunday, February 11.  

The goal of the workshop was to assist departments in developing strategies for increasing enrollment of physics majors. Institutions were invited to send teams of 2-4 faculty members to analyze their current departmental situation and decide how to take actions that will help them sustainably achieve their goals.

Experienced faculty from departments that have recently seen large increases in their majors facilitated workshop activities in small groups and presented information on their own experiences through plenaries and case study talks.

The workshop was held jointly with the 2018 PhysTEC Conference.

Download slides from a few of the notable presentations below (PDF):

February 10
Opening Plenary, Phys21 Report: "They Won't All Grow Up to Be You: Preparing Students for Diverse Careers", Laurie McNeil

February 11
Plenary, Learning Assistant Programs: Supporting Learning, Creating Community, Building Physics Identity, Eleanor Close
Infomercials, Beth Cunningham, Bob Hilborn, Monica Plisch, Ted Hodapp
Closing Remarks: Building Thriving Programs, Ted Hodapp

Plenary Speakers

Eleanor Close
Texas State University
Laurie McNeil
University of North Carolina

Case Study Speakers

Laird Kramer, Florida International University
John Mateja, Murray State and Tennessee Technological Universities
Kathryn Svinarich, Kettering Uniersity
Quinton Williams, Howard University