2021 PhysTEC Conference

March 5, 2021 - March 6, 2021 in an Online Venue

Enhance Your Institution's Physics Teacher Education Program

The 2021 PhysTEC Conference was hosted virtually on March 5-6, 2021.

Thank you to all who joined us!

116 participants joined us at the nation's largest meeting dedicated to the education of future physics teachers with workshops, plenary sessions, panel sessions, and table discussions led by physics teacher preparation experts. It was lovely to connect with you all and take a look at current and future physics teacher education. Our conversations revolved heavily around:

- Online Teaching and the Future of Physics and Physics Teacher Education
- Maintaining Physics Teacher Education Through Budget Cuts, and
- Creating Inclusive Culture

In addition, we heard successful strategies for building physics teacher education and recruiting students from PhysTEC's Supported Sites and had a poster session with 21 fascinating posters. If you would like to see a particular poster, please email and PhysTEC will get you in contact with the authors.

You can view the publicly accessible notes from this year's conference.

PhysTEC used QiqoChat to run this year's conference.

QiqoChat is a Zoom wrapper that allows us to present parallel sessions with embedded note-taking and navigational tools.

Some sessions and rooms used Gather.Town, embedded into QiqoChat, instead to provide a more informal networking experience.

About PhysTEC
The Physics Teacher Education Coalition (PhysTEC) is a partnership between the American Physical Society (APS) and the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT). Learn more by visiting the PhysTEC homepage.