2013 Physics Teacher Education Coalition Conference Invited Talks


Lunch Plenary: Michael Marder

Keynote speaker: Michael Marder, University of Texas at Austin

Overcoming Negative Stereotypes: Applying Theory to Practice

Keynote speaker: Catherine Good, Baruch College

Dr. Good will share research about the impact of ability-impugning stereotypes for the achievement of females in STEM disciplines and minority students more broadly. She will then describe research-based interventions to help students overcome the impact of negative stereotypes.  In particular, she will focus on the benefits of increasing students' sense of belonging to STEM disciplines and fostering incremental views of intelligence as methods of combating the cultural stereotypes.

Opening Plenary

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Keynote speaker: Richard N. Steinberg, City College of CUNY

As professor of Physics and Education at City College of New York, I routinely work with recent high school graduates as well as with physics teachers in training. I was therefore compelled to spend a year as a full time physics teacher in an inner city public high school. I was empowered with knowledge of Physics Education Research, well-designed curricula shown to be effective, formal teacher education training, countless hours in high school classrooms, and cultural roots in New York City. Within one day I knew I was overmatched. In this presentation, I will share some of the challenges I encountered and some of what I learned about what works in this environment.