PhysTEC Teacher Retention Rates

The project now has follow up information on 85% of PhysTEC graduates educated since 2001.[1] The graph below shows the teacher retention rate as a function of number of years teaching for the nearly 200 graduates who became teachers.[2] PhysTEC teacher retention rates are greater than retention rates for early career US public school teachers[3] in most years.[4]

PhysTEC supported sites provide mentoring from expert Teachers in Residence (TIRs), offer physics-specific pedagogy courses, and organize high school and college level teaching experiences in physics, all of which help the project to meet the goal of increasing the number of program graduates who are well prepared for and retained in the teaching profession.

Graph of teacher retention rates
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The graph below shows the percent of PhysTEC graduates from 2005- 2013 who became K-12 teachers and were still teaching in 2013-2014.

Graph of PhysTEC graduate retention rates
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  1. PhysTEC graduates from all institutions except Western Michigan University were included, for a total of 227 graduates from 2001 to 2014. Contact information for WMU graduates was not available for most graduates.
  2. A total of 208 graduates became teachers, years of teaching are known for 193 graduates only.
  3. The Department of Education Teacher Follow-up Survey from 2008-09 and 2012-13.
  4. The error bars in the graph indicate one sigma and were determined using a finite population correction factor.