PhysTEC sites increase diversity of physics teacher workforce

PhysTEC teachers are more racially and ethnically diverse than the overall US physics teacher workforce. Survey results indicate that PhysTEC graduates are composed of 12% under represented minorities (URM). The American Institute of Physics [1] reports that only 5% of US physics teachers are URM, which is out of step with the rapidly growing population URM students taking physics. Those that do not self identify as White or Asian are considered to be URM. The PhysTEC project has worked with minority serving institutions to improve physics teacher education, and 8 of the 41 supported sites fall into this category.

Demographics of PhysTEC teachers
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  1. Susan White & Casey Langer Tesfaye, Proportion of High School Physics Teachers in Each Racial or Ethnic Group, 2008-09, (American Institute of Physics Statistical Research Center, College Park, MD, 2011) Available at: