OSP Tools and the ComPADRE OSP Collection Feature Summary

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OSP Tools and the ComPADRE OSP Collection
This paper outlines the pedagogical and technical features of the Open Source Physics (OSP) project and how we use OSP-based tools and resources to introduce modeling into the curriculum.  We describe our current effort to create and distribute new material using the Easy Java Simulations and Tracker tools and how we distribute this curricular material with ComPADRE National Science Digital Library [OSP 2009]. The paper is organized as follows. Section II introduces the Modeling Cycle that is the basis for our pedagogy.  Section III describes basic Easy Java Simulations concepts and section IV describes Tracker.  The main features of ComPADRE are presented in section V and section VI presents the pedagogical benefits of this connection. Finally, section VII summarizes the improvements obtained by the use of our approach.
September 22, 2011 - October 22, 2012