The 5+ Club

"The 5+ Club" is designed to recognize institutions that graduate 5 or more physics teachers in a given year. The great majority of institutions graduate less than two physics teachers a year, and the most common number of graduates is zero.1 Thus, graduating 5 or more physics teachers a year is a significant achievement, helping to address the severe national shortage of high school physics teachers.

The 5+ Club Awardees

PhysTEC is pleased to announce the addition of 12 new institutions to The 5+ Club. Awards were announced at the 2016 PhysTEC Conference in Baltimore, MD. We are proud to recognize these institutions for their outstanding contributions to the education of future physics teachers.

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Institution Name Number of Graduates

2016 Awardees


Brigham Young University 17
Illinois State University 10
Stony Brook University 8
Boston University 6
Middle Tennessee State University 5
Towson University 5
University of Arkansas 5
West Chester University 5
Western Michigan University 5


Arizona State University 6
University of Central Florida 6
Rowan 5

Previous Awardees


Brigham Young University 17
The College of New Jersey 8
University of Minnesota 7
University of Arkansas 7
Stony Brook University 7
Brigham Young University - Idaho 7
Illinois State University 7
Georgia State University 6
Rutgers University 5
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 5
Kennesaw State University 5


University of Minnesota 8
SUNY Buffalo State 8
Michigan State University 7
University of Colorado Boulder 6
SUNY Oneonta 6
Rutgers University 6
Virginia Tech 5


SUNY Buffalo State 10
Seattle Pacific University 8
University of Minnesota 7
Rutgers University 6
University of Cinncinati 5
University of Texas at Austin 5
  1. David E. Meltzer, Monica Plisch, and Stamatis Vokos, editors, Transforming the Preparation of Physics Teachers: A Call to Action. A Report by the Task Force on Teacher Education in Physics (T-TEP)(American Physical Society, College Park, MD, 2012).