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Southwestern Oklahoma State University is a regional college with strong programs in science and technology, including physics.  It primarily serves the, mostly rural, western half of Oklahoma.  We currently offer education degrees in elementary education and secondary education in most fields including physics.  We also offer Masters of Education degrees in many fields including secondary education in the natural sciences.

As most of our students come from rural regions of Oklahoma, the Chemistry and Physics department at SWOSU has a strong and vested interest in supplying and developing the science teachers in our region.  To that end, our department is focused on becoming continually more involved in the education and development of new physics (and chemistry) teachers.  Many of the science teachers in our region, due to the small school sizes, teach both physics and chemistry; therefore collaboration of both disciplines is essential to the recruitment and training of physics teachers for our region.  

We are currently redesigning our natural science education degree to include a stronger emphasis in physics and to find new and better ways to recruit new physics teachers.  Toward that goal and beyond, we hope to gain insight, resources, and contacts with colleges and universities with similar goals through membership in the PTEC consortium.  Further, it will allow us to contribute our voice to the national cry for more and better qualified physics teachers, in particular from the perspective of rural communities.