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Caroline Beller
Assistant Professor, College of Education

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Oklahoma State University
Science Teacher Preparation Program

OSU pre-service teachers are required to complete a course program of 124 hours that provides them with background content knowledge in science, mathematics, social studies, and language arts. Of the 12 hours required for science, the College of Arts and Sciences offers four courses specifically designed for elementary majors that include inquiry physics, inquiry chemistry, inquiry biology, and inquiry geology.

OSU's professional education programs are devoted to the concept of integration, diversity, and professionalism.

Integration of theory and practice is infused throughout the Elementary Education program. Professional education candidates "learn to integrate personal experience with fields of knowledge and with teaching based on sound theory and research-driven educational practice."

Diversity is a key consideration in field experiences and student teaching, where future teachers see and implement curriculum and teaching methods for diverse populations. For Elementary Education majors, the importance of the Professional Education Council Statement is expressed in the assertions that "everyone deserves the opportunity to learn" and "diversity is to be valued." Acquiring a repertoire of appropriate teaching methods for all candidates in the various subject areas is central to the program. Future teachers are asked throughout the program to reflect on their knowledge and practices to help all students. Moreover, 10 hours of one foreign language is required in the program resulting in some familiarity with another culture and way of thinking.

Professionalism is demonstrated through life-long learning, continuing professional development, and involvement in the life of the "school" community. Elements of professionalism and/or professional conduct involve dispositions as well as continued acquisition of knowledge and skills.

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