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Texas State University is a former teachers' college (the alma mater of President Lyndon B. Johnson) and produces more teachers than any other university in the State of Texas. Yet, like most universities in the United States, Texas State has produced very few physics teachers. The physics department at Texas State is set on changing that trend, and has introduced a number of new initiatives designed to recruit and support students interested in becoming K-12 teachers. In 2012 we implemented a Physics Learning Assistant program that has expanded to all sections of introductory calculus-based physics. Other instructional reforms are helping to raise the level of interactive engagement among students and the level of reflection on curriculum and instruction by faculty. The physics department and the College of Education are working together to align degree programs in physics and other STEM fields with secondary teacher certifications in physical science (physics/chemistry) and physics/mathematics. Greater interactive engagement in the upper division is also helping to send a coherent message to physics majors about the importance of high levels of cognitive feedback between teachers and students during learning.

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