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  • The TIR, Alma Robinson, was able to have email and telephone conversations with both the PhysTEC alumni and her former student teacher.
  • Through these conversations, they shared ideas on lessons, classroom management, and ideas for professional development.
  • Some PhysTEC alumni will be taking a Physics Modeling Workshop in summer 2013.


  • Because of the geographic distances between the TIR and the physics teachers, it was not possible to do in-person mentoring or observations.
  • Because of the time zone difference and the demanding schedules of first-year teachers, it could also be challenging to find a time to have a conversation.


  • Keeping constant contact with PhysTEC alumni will be of utmost importance, especially as the TIR changes.
  • Perhaps the new TIR and former TIRs can form some sort of collaboration in mentoring.

Lessons Learned

  • Providing the PhysTEC alumni with periodic calls just to see how things are going can be extremely beneficial.
  • Observing our PhysTEC alumni teach would be a very useful mentoring tool and should be done if possible.
  • Activities

  • The TIR had many phone and email conversations with both our PhysTEC alumni and the TIR's former student teacher during the academic year to check up on how they were doing as well as provide guidance when needed.
  • The TIR informally mentored the teacher who now teaches the AP Physics C course that she used to teach, through multiple email exchanges.