red Supported Site Central Washington University: Early Teaching Experience


  • The PI developed two learning assistant courses, PHYS 292 and 392. These courses were approved by the university curriculum committee.
  • The PI taught PHYS 292 and supervised 7 learning assistants spring quarter.
  • The physics department recruited a total of 8 LAs for PHYS 292 and 392 for fall 2013.


  • There is only one physics class offered regularly in the five high schools in our county (with an area about the same as Delaware) so it is difficult to incorporate high school classroom visits into the LA curriculum.
  • There is likely more interest among students in being an LA than we have funding for.


  • The LA courses are on the department teaching schedule for the foreseeable future.

Lessons Learned

  • The department needs to find more funding.


  • See successes above.