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The 5+ Club Supported SiteThe 5+ Club Supported Site Western Michigan University: Faculty

Nora Berrah, professor of physics (2001-2007)

Michael Famiano, assistant professor of physics (2005-2007)

Marcia Fetters, associate professor of education and interim assistant chair of Teaching, Learning and Educational studies (2001-2007)

Charles Henderson, assistant professor of physics (2001-2007)

Paul Pancella, professor of physics and chair of the Department of Physics (2001-2007)

Lisa Paulius, professor of physics (2001-2007)

Robert Poel, professor of physics (emeritus), co-PPI (2001-2007)

Alvin Rosenthal, associate professor of physics co-PPI, (2001-2007)

David Schuster, associate professor of physics (2003-2007)

Edmund Tsang, professor of engineering and associate dean of the College of Engineering (2001-2003)