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Steven Maier- Natural Science Education Advisor
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Northwestern Oklahoma State University is a small regional, state-assisted institution in rural Oklahoma.  Regular enrollment is nominally 2,000 students across three campus sites: Alva, Enid and Woodward.  Primary enrollment is at the Alva campus, where the majority of coursework for each major is offered.

Our current undergraduate teacher education program offerings are in elementary education, secondary education, special education, adult education and early childhood education. For secondary science education, the degree option available to pre-service is Natural Science Education majors has an emphasis in biology.  

In 2014-15, a program modification will be submitted that will increase the disciplines of emphasis to include chemistry and physics.  The purpose of the program modification is to increase degree options for our students while meeting accreditation standards and recent changes to institutional degree requirements.

We are therefore interested in PhysTEC as a means of exploring options and the resources available to smaller institutions that seek to offer quality discipline-specific secondary science degrees.