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The 5+ Club Supported SiteThe 5+ Club Supported Site University of Minnesota: Publications & Talks

  • Three Truths and a Lie – The First Year with PhysTEC, 2008
    Invited talk at American Association of Physics Teachers Summer Meeting in Edmonton, Alberta; J. Anderson.
  • The Five "W's" of PhysTEC, 2008
    Invited poster at NorthStar STEM Initiative kick-off event at the Science Museum  of Minnesota; J. Anderson.
  • How and Why to Become a High School Physics Teacher, 2008
    Invited talk at University of Minnesota School of Physics & Astronomy Open House; J. Anderson.
  • An Overview of PhysTEC at the University  of Minnesota, 2008
    Presentation given to Teacher Advisory Group; J. Anderson.
  • Update on the U of M PhysTEC Program: LAs and Peer Groups, 2009
    Invited talk at the U of M Physics Education Research group seminar;
    C.Cattell & J. Anderson.