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  • Kelli Gamez Warble. NSTA Regional Meeting Presentation Fall 2012: "Modeling Instruction in HS Physics"
  • Kelli Gamez Warble. AzAAPT Meeting Presentation Fall 2012: "PhysTEC at ASU"
  • Kelli Gamez Warble. KSTF Cohort Meeting Spring 2013: "Modeling Instruction and Curriculum Development"
  • Kelli Gamez Warble. PhysTEC Presentation Board contributed to Sanford Inspire Program for inclusion in their Issues in STEM Education initiative Spring 2013
  • Kelli Gamez Warble. Presentation to students in course SED 513 Science Teaching Methods for Secondary School: "Assessment Inventories in Science Education" November 2012
  • Robert Culbertson and Kelli Gamez Warble. Presentations to ASU Physics Department: "PhysTEC at ASU" Fall 2013, "PhysTEC Update" Spring 2013