red Supported Site University of Wisconsin - La Crosse: Faculty

  • Gubbi Sudhakaran, Professor and Chair, Physics Department. Sudha is responsible for recruitment and sustainability efforts. He advises the majority of physics majors and identifies potential teacher candidates and learning assistants. He also oversees course reform efforts within the Physics Department, including the studio format calculus-based introductory physics course sequence. He is responsible for communicating project activities to upper administration to insure sustainability.
  • Jennifer Docktor, Assistant Professor, Physics Department. Jennifer has experience in Physics Education Research and takes an active role in UW-L's secondary teacher education preparation program. She attends meetings and trainings with the School of Education, advises physics education students, supervises student teachers, and communicates with local schools/ teachers. She also teaches or co-teaches both the physical science for elementary educators course and secondary science methods course.
  • Secondary Teacher Education Preparation (STEP) program faculty collaborate on planning events and reforming courses for secondary teacher candidates:  
    • Jennifer Kosiak, Associate Professor, Math Department
    • Megan Litster, Assistant Professor, Biology Department
    • Anna George, Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department
    • Greg Wegner, Professor Emeritus, History Department
    • Virginia Crank, Professor, English Department