red Supported Site Virginia Tech: Faculty

  • John Simonetti, Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Physics. PhysTEC site leader. As Associate Chair, oversees all teaching and learning in the department. Development and teaching of the Seminar for Physics Majors course. Director of Physics and Astronomy Outreach. Organizer of the department's Learning Assistant program.
  • George Glasson, Professor, School of Education, Program Leader for Science Education. Lead Co-PI. Oversees all PhysTEC efforts in the School of Education.
  • Brenda Brand, Associate Professor, School of Education. Co-PI. In charge of the Robotics Program Early Teaching Experience.
  • Leo Piilonen, Professor and Chair, Department of Physics. Development and teaching of the SCALE-UP physics courses. As Chair, plays a large role in recruiting and teaching. Will be heavily involved in the Learning Assistant program.
  • Catherine Amelink, Research Analyst and Assessment Specialist, College of Engineering. Evaluation of the program.
  • Alma Robinson, Teacher in Residence. Plays a key role in almost all parts of the program, particularly the Physics Teaching and Learning course, and the Enhanced Physics Outreach course.