red Supported Site University of Alabama: Goals & Outcomes


  • Increase the number of teachers certified to teach physics with a physics major or minor.
  • Increase physics faculty collaboration in identifying and sustaining physics and physical science education candidates through graduation and induction.
  • Strengthen professional relationships between physics and astronomy and the curriculum and instruction departments to disseminate best practices through the teacher preparation program.
  • Continue reform of the entry-level physics curriculum using research-based inquiry-oriented design and best practices.
  • Strengthen the physics course for pre-service elementary teachers to emphasize inquiry oriented teaching of major physics concepts.

Selected Outcomes

  • During the first year of the program the number of students pursuing certification at either the undergraduate or graduate levels has increased from zero to six
  • A successful Learning Assistant program has been implemented that included 12 LAs in the fall and spring semesters assisting primarily in Studio Physics courses.
  • Several LAs obtained early teaching experiences by providing instructional assistance on a weekly basis in local high school physics classes.
  • A series of 1-hr courses on high school labs was developed and taught in collaboration with Alabama Science in Motion.
  • A NSF-MSP project (APEX) was funded which provides scholarships to PhysTEC students.
  • A NSF-APEX project was funded with provides pre-service scholarships to physics, chemistry, and mathematics students.